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 Play store for ios is the treasure for the variety of games and applications. Play Store for ios applications includes social media sites, new games, educational applications can be downloaded to the device with the help of play store for ios. In many devices play store is installed as default. The update for play store for ios is also available to make use of its newer features. Usually, the play store is available for Android supported devices. To start with using the play store application, having a Google account is super essential. Hence, to use a play store for ios one should have a Google account. If the Google account is not set up then the user can create one by going to the settings tab and by clicking on the add account option. Always follow the instructions and keep the account secure. The play store can be used with other accounts too. The account should be kept safe because this will not compromise the confidentiality of the purchases we have done with the play store app. IF not possible, then a recovery option can be tried with the backing up of files into the email address or personal phone number.

Playstore For iOS Devices Download For iPhone and iPad:

Setting up of a Google account is very simple. Below are the steps to set up an account with Google and enjoy Play Store for ios on your phones

  • Log in to the account.
  • Go to the personal info option by clicking on personal and Privacy section.
  • Choose the number option.
  • Click to add the new number or edit existing number.
  • Go through the instructions and follow.

Play store for ios gives the ultimate solution for internets savviest by providing the wide variety of millions of applications. The applications provided in the play store is free and one need not have to pay for it. Some updates or other new features may be chargeable to the user.

How To Download Play Store on iPhone & iPad:

There is a common belief that the play store does not work on iPhones. Even the play store is now available for iPhones if the following simple steps are followed. The below-mentioned steps are free and install them on the iPhone is not chargeable. These simple steps can be followed to download Play store for the iPhone.

To begin with, all we need is an iOS supported iPhone device.

Steps to install Play Store for iOS Devices:

  • To have play store application on iPhone, having an iOS application is necessary.
  • Next step is to choose the appropriate platform to work on the device and download the same. The user should make it sure to download the platform from a trusted source.
  • Install the downloaded application.
  • At last download the Bootlace or Cydia on the phone.
  • After launching Cydia, tap the Manage icon followed by Edit option and then finally Add.
  • On the address bar,  type the URL of Cydia web address.
  • Lastly, install Cydia followed by Bootlace.

How to download Play Store on iPhone, iPad:

Downloading play store application on iPhone is easy if the following simple steps are followed.

  • After installing Bootlace on iOS platform, run the application and reboot the phone.
  • After rebooting the phone wait again by booting the phone again.
  • Click open iBoot after installing iBoot.
  • Next step is to install iDroid and this is achieved by clicking on the button install after opening iBoot.
  • After clicking on the option, tap the OK button and this may take a while longer.
  • iDroid is the standard Android Operating system which is customized to work on iPhones.
  • Wait until the installation is complete and be patient to complete the installation.
  • At last, when the iDroid application is installed, the Play store application can be downloaded.
  • iDroid is the Android for the iPhone to explore all the features that are incorporated in Android phones.


After the installation of Cydia or Bootlace in your iPhone, now you are ready to explore the features of a play store. Visit the play store by rebooting the iPhone with iDroid OS which is exclusively structured to work with iPhones. iDroid OS works with iPhone in the same way Android works with smartphones.

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