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Play Store Update: Check & Update Latest Playstore On Android & iOS

Play store update: play store update can be done easily. play store update  Allows its users to download apps is just one of the tasks of play store but not the only task. Updating is one of the main functions of play store. The update can be of two types updating the already downloaded app or updating the play store itself. In pirated versions, you can not avail any latest features or updates whereas in an original version we get a notification of the updates. In this article, let’s go in brief about the play store updates.

Play Store Update

Play Store Update

Play Store Update For Android & iOS:

The technology has evolved so much that you can operate all your devices with just one email id of yours. Smartphones are equivalent to computers but may not replace a computer in certain terms like comfort, proper visibility. Few apps may work more efficiently on computers than on a phone. updating Play Store update is very easy. Most the people find it easy to download the app from play store to computer but complain that they are not receiving any updates. Here are the steps on how to check for updates on the computer. follow this easy steps to download and update Play Store update.


Steps to check for play store update on the Android and computer:

  • Firstly, visit the website on your computer and log into your account that you have already created to download the apps.
  • To the corner of the system, you would find an icon that reads my android apps click on it to view all the apps that you have already downloaded.
  • Generally, when there are no updates all the apps would be arranged alphabetically but when there is an update, the app that has to be updated would appear at the top of the list with an unleashed update icon. Click on the update icon to update the app.
Play Store Update

Play Store Update

In most of the case, you need not follow this lengthy process to update an app as you would be getting a notification regarding the new updates.

Play store updates for windows phone:

Windows phones come with a distinct play store called windows store. This is quite different from the android (Google play store) store or any other store. It has different setting and specifications that work in an extremely different way. Updates on windows phone are said to be quite slow and are lately notified to the users.

Steps to check for play store updates on a windows phone.

  •    Go to the windows store that is available on the start screen.
  •    Swipe in from the right edge of the phone and then click on the setting.
  •    Click on the app updates icon.
  •    There you find an auto-update as well as manual update icons. Select the one that you would like to prefer to update the apps.

Google play store updates:

That this point of time, where the technology is so advanced Google play store does not require any introduction. The Google play store is considered being one of the best stores for purchasing apps.

Google play store provides you with two options to update your apps. One is automatic update option, where you would not be notified regarding the update instead the apps is automatically updated with the help of Google play store. The option is a manual update, where you would get a notification from the Google store and you have manually operated the updates.

Steps to check for play store updates in Google play store Update.

  •    Firstly, go to the Google play store that is available on your device.
  •    Go to the mean next click on settings.
  •    There you would find an auto update checkbox, click on it. A dialogue box would appear asking if you want an auto-update or not. Select the choice you want to avail it.

Play store updates for Android:

Android smartphone users must be considered the luckiest ones as most of them come with Google play store. Google play store is too handy to use and comes with most excellent features. The app updates are quite quick and you would never have to worry about missing the latest update of your favorite app.


The steps for play store updates for an android are similar to the of a Google play store. thanks for reading the article play store update article. if you have any doubt regarding play store update do comment below. we are here to solve your problems.

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