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Play Store For PC : Download Google Play Store PC For Windows & Mac

google play store for pc is now available for Windows pc’s.  want to install the play store pc, on Windows or mac platform and enjoy downloading the finest apps, then downloading Play Store For PC on PCs are not behind. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the apps on their smartphones and on the bigger screen of their PCs? Computers have turned into Android devices with the option to install the Android operating system on your PC. If you can use your PC from an Android OS then why not enjoy the perks of the Google play store.

With the recent developments, it is easily possible to download and install the play store PC and enjoy the apps. You can download the Google play store on your Windows computer or ios Mac. Download, install and use the Android apps without any hitch from the play store on your PC. Here are the 2 simple procedures which you can use for downloading the Google play store PC.

Google Play Store For Pc Download From Apk Mirror:

One of the simplest procedures of downloading the play store for PC is via the APK file for the play store, which is available at APK mirror. The further process illustrates the way to use this APK file for installing the play store.

  • The first step to Download Play Store pc is to download the APK file from the website. Step to download this file are:
  • Go to the website
  • Search for Play Store and you will get many versions of the play store in the results.
  • Decide which version you want or look for the latest one.
  • Click on the download button for the version you want to install.
  • The next step is to enable the Unknown sources from Settings > Security. This step is important till you have installed the play store and uncheck the option once you are done.
  • The final step is installing the play store. Go to the ‘downloads’ folder and open the APK file. Click on the run option and follow the prompts to install it.

This is a simple 3 step process for downloading play store for PC which hardly takes any time. You can download the APK file and install it in no real efforts and you are done. You can also download this file to your phone or tablet device and copy it to your PC for the remaining steps.

Download Google Play Store For Pc From The Real APK Leecher software:

While the APK download process is short and fast, downloading play store for PC via the Real APK Leecher software is more reliable. This software is a Java based program by the company named designed for downloading the play store on the PC. It is safe and effortless to use. The only information it will ask for will be your basic Google play store account username and password for logging in. The steps for download and install play store for PC via this software are:

  • You can download the Real APK Leecher software from the internet for free. It will be downloaded in the form of a ZIP file. Therefore, UNZIP it for use.
  • When you open this file for the first time, it will ask for your id and password of the Google play store. Dial *#*#8255#*#* in order to verify your id and device. You will get the option to select a folder location where all the downloaded apps will be stored. Once you are done with these settings, click on the save button. You can change them later by clicking CTRL+0. This way it will install the play store for PC.
  • You can then search for the app you want to download. Search options include app name, company name, and customer name. That means you can search for any app by typing the name of the app or its builder company or its customer name.

Once you select the download app option, it will start and install the app. You can also update the already downloaded apps from this software.


There are a variety of options on the internet which allows you to download the Android apps on your PC & Play Store For PC. But the most reliable of all of them is Google play store because of the name attached to it. These are the 2 easiest and safest ways of installing the google play store for PC or Mac. You can choose from any of the 2 options and follow the exact steps to ensure that there are no risks involved.Thanks for reading the article Play Store  PC. if you have any doubts regarding play store or Playstore pc do comment below, we will clarify your doubts.

Play Store for iOS : Download For iPhone and iPad [Latest Version]

 Play store for ios is the treasure for the variety of games and applications. Play Store for ios applications includes social media sites, new games, educational applications can be downloaded to the device with the help of play store for ios. In many devices play store is installed as default. The update for play store for ios is also available to make use of its newer features. Usually, the play store is available for Android supported devices. To start with using the play store application, having a Google account is super essential. Hence, to use a play store for ios one should have a Google account. If the Google account is not set up then the user can create one by going to the settings tab and by clicking on the add account option. Always follow the instructions and keep the account secure. The play store can be used with other accounts too. The account should be kept safe because this will not compromise the confidentiality of the purchases we have done with the play store app. IF not possible, then a recovery option can be tried with the backing up of files into the email address or personal phone number.

Playstore For iOS Devices Download For iPhone and iPad:

Setting up of a Google account is very simple. Below are the steps to set up an account with Google and enjoy Play Store for ios on your phones

  • Log in to the account.
  • Go to the personal info option by clicking on personal and Privacy section.
  • Choose the number option.
  • Click to add the new number or edit existing number.
  • Go through the instructions and follow.

Play store for ios gives the ultimate solution for internets savviest by providing the wide variety of millions of applications. The applications provided in the play store is free and one need not have to pay for it. Some updates or other new features may be chargeable to the user.

How To Download Play Store on iPhone & iPad:

There is a common belief that the play store does not work on iPhones. Even the play store is now available for iPhones if the following simple steps are followed. The below-mentioned steps are free and install them on the iPhone is not chargeable. These simple steps can be followed to download Play store for the iPhone.

To begin with, all we need is an iOS supported iPhone device.

Steps to install Play Store for iOS Devices:

  • To have play store application on iPhone, having an iOS application is necessary.
  • Next step is to choose the appropriate platform to work on the device and download the same. The user should make it sure to download the platform from a trusted source.
  • Install the downloaded application.
  • At last download the Bootlace or Cydia on the phone.
  • After launching Cydia, tap the Manage icon followed by Edit option and then finally Add.
  • On the address bar,  type the URL of Cydia web address.
  • Lastly, install Cydia followed by Bootlace.

How to download Play Store on iPhone, iPad:

Downloading play store application on iPhone is easy if the following simple steps are followed.

  • After installing Bootlace on iOS platform, run the application and reboot the phone.
  • After rebooting the phone wait again by booting the phone again.
  • Click open iBoot after installing iBoot.
  • Next step is to install iDroid and this is achieved by clicking on the button install after opening iBoot.
  • After clicking on the option, tap the OK button and this may take a while longer.
  • iDroid is the standard Android Operating system which is customized to work on iPhones.
  • Wait until the installation is complete and be patient to complete the installation.
  • At last, when the iDroid application is installed, the Play store application can be downloaded.
  • iDroid is the Android for the iPhone to explore all the features that are incorporated in Android phones.


After the installation of Cydia or Bootlace in your iPhone, now you are ready to explore the features of a play store. Visit the play store by rebooting the iPhone with iDroid OS which is exclusively structured to work with iPhones. iDroid OS works with iPhone in the same way Android works with smartphones.

Play Store for Android- Download Play Store Android Latest Version 2017

Play Store for Android: Google Play Store for android is a digital media distribution store developed by Google. Play store for android is also known as the as the Android market which was introduced in the year 2008. Google Play Store Download for android offers various Android applications such as games, music, movies, magazines, media players etc. These applications are specifically designed for Android smartphones. check here to download google play store for android Latest Version.

Play store For Android Latest Version:

Most of the applications are free of cost. But some features of these applications are locked. In case if user wants to enjoy full benefits of Android applications he/she can make in-app purchases (to unlock those features) or pay for those apps at the time of download (there are certain applications that would ask for payment when you run the application for the first time or you can only use the demo version).

Features Of Play store For Android:

For an Android platform, Google Play Store for android serves as the official app store (still there are third-party websites that offer android apps in SDK format). Millions of apps have been published on Play Store till date with billions of downloads worldwide.

Play Store’s google Play Store Download for Android interface helps the users to choose the apps as per the application’s popularity, apps which are trending, apps that editors recommend and the top downloaded apps. Users can install single app multiple times without having to pay for it again (as the apps once downloaded and installed are linked to user’s Google account.) Downloading play store for android is very easy just follow the below given steps and enjoy the apps.

 Play Store

                       Play Store download for Android


How To Get Google Play Store Apps in Android Device:

Getting apps on an android device is easy because of its user-friendly interface and simple steps that anyone can follow. also check

play store for pc latest version from here.

  1. Tap on the home/menu icon of your Android device.
  2. Find and click on the google Play Store for android icon.
  3. For anyone who is accessing this application for the first time, he/she will have to validate their Google account first.
  4. Once the user’s Google account has been successfully validated, he/she will have access to millions of applications (both paid and free in google play store for android).
  5. For instance, the user chooses to install Temple Run application.
  • Tap on the Google Play search icon (it is visible on top).
  • Type Temple Run (a long list will be displayed with Temple Run and many related apps).
  • Click on the Temple Run icon from the list and click on install button.
  • Once you click on the install button, you will be asked for your permission to allow access to media files, Wifi connection, locations etc.
  • If you are comfortable with sharing the requested information, press the Accept button.
  • A download progress bar will be displayed on the Temple Run’s app webpage (if you have a decent internet connection then the downloading won’t take much time and the installation will start automatically)
  • Once the installation process is finished, you will be notified regarding the same in the notifications bar.


 Play Store for Android

            Play Store for Android


Having Google Play Account Offers Several Advantages:

Today, everyone has access to social media platforms, can text for free, video/text tutorials, unlimited movies, music, the internet and much more anytime and anywhere. Having a Google account allows any user to gain access to Google play store.

Google account stores the information related to the apps you have installed on your Android device. When the user goes to the Play Store again, he/she will be recommended applications that might interest the user (based on the user’s previous preferences).

Installation Steps For Play store For Android:

In case the user is running out of talk time, wants to book movie tickets or wants to purchase something then he/she won’t have to stand in the long queue or walk over to the company’s office because it’s all simplified now (thanks to the Google Play Account) –

  • Install the relevant app from Play store download.
  • Make online payment
  • Enjoy provided services (all it takes is couple of clicks and couple of minutes)

Google Play Store for Android market has made smartphone users life fairly simple and fun. so enjoy downloading Play Store Download for Android. if you have any doubts regarding Play Store Download for Android do comment below. we will clarify your doubts. thank you.

Play Store APK Download | Google Play Store APK Download For Android & iOS

Play Store APK: Download google Playstore apk from here. Google Play Store apk/app is the application that makes all android phones and other phones worth having. Google Play Store APK is Mother of all apps Google Play Store gives a platform for all the other apps the android platform for app developers to build and create different types of apps. There are now many smartphones with google play inbuilt. To check if it is pre-installed go to settings and check for the operating system on your phone if it is the operating system of Android 2.3 or more you can download google play store.Google Play Store apk platform was created from the time where Android was a new innovation. Even though there are many platforms and marketplaces where you can get android apps google play store app continues to be the most preferred and dominant in the marketplace. check latest Google playstore Download apk from here.

Play Store APK

Play Store APK

Google Play Store Apk, Download For Android:

  • Google play store apk is installed as a default app in almost all android phones.
  • There are many apps with different categories present in google play store apk, app which is the availability of free and paid apps.
  • Here the apps are rated and there are reviews present to help download suitable apps as per the requirements of a person.
  • It also automatically updates all your apps without having to do it manually.

Due to the above reasons, Google play store apk is the most used app and is pre-installed on every smartphone. want to download play store for android? don’t worry! go through this link and download the latest version of play store android for free.

Google Play Store Apk Download with APK file:

To have the best platform of downloading apps for free which is Google play store you need to first know how to download the google play store APK file. There are plenty of sites offering the latest file of APK files for Google play store. There are two ways to do so one is directly from your smartphone other with the help of a computer. When you download it from a computer you must look for a website giving the APK file through this for your android device you can download the google play store. After downloading the APK file on your device you need to follow additional steps.


Play Store APK

Google Play Store download


First, you need to go the security setting and allow downloading from the unknown sources. After the completion of the downloaded file, you can disable the setting again in order to protect your phone. Then choose the download option and start APK.

After which they will show the permission policy for various things where you will have to click on agree to be able to install the application.To be able to install google play store apk download on your computer then on your device then you have to download the APK file from internet to your computer allowing to download from unknown sources and downloading the file.After it is downloaded you can connect your device through the USB cable and copy the file to your device. Once it is copied open the file and finish the download by installing and agreeing on the privacy policy after which you just have to log into a newly created account which will open Google Play Store.


A lot of things can be done with the help of google play store apk and app. google play store can be downloaded for free without any additional charges. Thanks for reading the article Google Play Store APK, App if you have any doubts regarding Google Play Store APK do comment below. we will clarify all your doubts regarding this topic.

Play Store Update: Check & Update Latest Playstore On Android & iOS

Play store update: play store update can be done easily. play store update  Allows its users to download apps is just one of the tasks of play store but not the only task. Updating is one of the main functions of play store. The update can be of two types updating the already downloaded app or updating the play store itself. In pirated versions, you can not avail any latest features or updates whereas in an original version we get a notification of the updates. In this article, let’s go in brief about the play store updates.

Play Store Update

Play Store Update

Play Store Update For Android & iOS:

The technology has evolved so much that you can operate all your devices with just one email id of yours. Smartphones are equivalent to computers but may not replace a computer in certain terms like comfort, proper visibility. Few apps may work more efficiently on computers than on a phone. updating Play Store update is very easy. Most the people find it easy to download the app from play store to computer but complain that they are not receiving any updates. Here are the steps on how to check for updates on the computer. follow this easy steps to download and update Play Store update.


Steps to check for play store update on the Android and computer:

  • Firstly, visit the website on your computer and log into your account that you have already created to download the apps.
  • To the corner of the system, you would find an icon that reads my android apps click on it to view all the apps that you have already downloaded.
  • Generally, when there are no updates all the apps would be arranged alphabetically but when there is an update, the app that has to be updated would appear at the top of the list with an unleashed update icon. Click on the update icon to update the app.
Play Store Update

Play Store Update

In most of the case, you need not follow this lengthy process to update an app as you would be getting a notification regarding the new updates.

Play store updates for windows phone:

Windows phones come with a distinct play store called windows store. This is quite different from the android (Google play store) store or any other store. It has different setting and specifications that work in an extremely different way. Updates on windows phone are said to be quite slow and are lately notified to the users.

Steps to check for play store updates on a windows phone.

  •    Go to the windows store that is available on the start screen.
  •    Swipe in from the right edge of the phone and then click on the setting.
  •    Click on the app updates icon.
  •    There you find an auto-update as well as manual update icons. Select the one that you would like to prefer to update the apps.

Google play store updates:

That this point of time, where the technology is so advanced Google play store does not require any introduction. The Google play store is considered being one of the best stores for purchasing apps.

Google play store provides you with two options to update your apps. One is automatic update option, where you would not be notified regarding the update instead the apps is automatically updated with the help of Google play store. The option is a manual update, where you would get a notification from the Google store and you have manually operated the updates.

Steps to check for play store updates in Google play store Update.

  •    Firstly, go to the Google play store that is available on your device.
  •    Go to the mean next click on settings.
  •    There you would find an auto update checkbox, click on it. A dialogue box would appear asking if you want an auto-update or not. Select the choice you want to avail it.

Play store updates for Android:

Android smartphone users must be considered the luckiest ones as most of them come with Google play store. Google play store is too handy to use and comes with most excellent features. The app updates are quite quick and you would never have to worry about missing the latest update of your favorite app.


The steps for play store updates for an android are similar to the of a Google play store. thanks for reading the article play store update article. if you have any doubt regarding play store update do comment below. we are here to solve your problems.

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